Beautiful Good Night Love Quotes for Her

Are you in need of romantic cute ways to say goodnight to her? Here is a collection of romantic good night love quotes for her that you can choose from.

This collection covers every aspect or ways you can say good night to your girlfriend or wife, from beautiful good night messages to make her fall asleep happy to sweet good night love messages to make her love your more.

Start sending these good nite quotes to your girlfriend and wife…

Good Night Love Quotes for Her

Good Night Love Quotes For Her

Good Night Love Quotes For Her

1. All of my affection, my care will be with you, it doesn’t matter if you’re awake or asleep – GN my love!!

2. I don’t want to let you go. I always want to be with you – Good Night my love!!

3. I think of u every second that passes by and gets the reasons to love you more each day- Good Night!!

4. Thank you for every time you make me smile. I can’t stop loving you. Good Night!!

5 You are the air that I breathes, you are in my dreams and I can breathe easily when you are with me – Good Night!!

5. My best moment is when you are with me. Thank you for loving me so much. Good Night
my love!! – Good Night Love Quotes for Her

Romantic Good Night Love Quotes

6. Nothing worth more than having you in my life. You are the centre of my life. Good Night Sweetheart.

7. My love for you starts at first sight and it will continue to grow until i die.GN my love!!

8. You are everything I need. You are my arms when my strength fails. Good Night my love!!

9. Thanks for being with me today, you made my day worthwhile and thanks for tomorrow in advance- Good Night!!

10 My day is crushed when it is spent without you and it is awesome for me when you are with me. Good Night my love. – Romantic Good Night Love Quotes for Her

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Good Night Quotes for Her to Make Her Fall Asleep

11. Let enjoy the rest of this night because tomorrow’s morning we’re going to meet. GN my dearie!!

12. I am sending you a beautiful blanket to warm you through the night and a love pillow to sweeten your dreams. “Good Night love”

12. The night may be dark, the moon may not rise and the stars may hid, But I am in your arm to be your light.. Sweet dreams and good night.

13. Loving you is like a Dreams which may not be touched but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny. So believe in our love! GN love.

14. As the day is rolling to night, let go of all your worries. Close your eyes and go to sleep, all the good times are yours to keep. Sweet dreams & Good Night my king.

15. thinking about you chase away nightmares. God Night Bestie Baby!! – Good Night Quotes for Her to Make Her Fall Asleep

Beautifully Crafted Good Night Love Quotes To Her

16. Missing you is beyond description. .I love you my Angel.GN!!

17. The night has come again and is obvious that i’m lying on the bed missing u and just praying for your sweet dreams. Good Night my love.

18. Lying on my bed, I see the stars then I think of the brighten star i have in my life “You”. GN!!

19. I was unhappy before I met you, you taught me how to love things .Thank you for being in my life. Good Night.

20. Thinking about the time spent with you during the day always gives me a great night pleasure. GN – Beautifully Crafted Good Night Love Quotes To Her

Lovely Good Night Quotes to My Love

21. My lowly life gets a divine light since I met with you. Good Night!!

22.Gazing at the moon always makes me smile because seeing the moon, I think of you. Good Night Baby!

23. Sorry for not being there to cuddle you, for not being there to hug and kiss you but you are always in my heart.GN!!

24. This good night message is a hug to you. Good Night Sweetie.

25. May this message, brings a big smile on your face so that all around you may be right. GN!! – Lovely Good Night Quotes to My Love

Good Night Quotes for Wife From Husband

26. No matter how old I would be, you will always run into my dreams. Good Night.

27. I wish my heart would be a place where you could sleep like you do in your arms.GN!!

28. Saying “Good Night to You” is not only for your good night but also for your sweet dreams.GN!!

29. I don’t want to sleep outside your arms every night. Good Night my hubby!!

30. I can no longer wait for my dreamed night when you would be in my arms. GN!! – Good Night Quotes for Wife From Husband

Romantic Good Night Love Quotes

31. I won’t go to sleep without saying sweet dreams to my sweetheart. “Good Night” Dear!

32. I’m saying “Good Night” to the most attractive damsel who makes my life beautiful everyday.GN!!

33. My dearie, always be happy and take sweet dreams with me. “Good Night”.

34. I’ve come through message to hold and hug you. Good Night!!

35. My utmost desire always is to have night with you and wake up with you. Good Night. I love you. – Romantic Good Night Love Quotes

Sweet Good Night Love Quotes For Her

36. The sweetest thing in this world are your two eyes when you look at me, I don’t want to see light at night but your eyes.GN!!

37. My one and only wish is that all your dreams may come true. Good Night.

38. Closer to the door of my heart l feel the romance that penetrate through my soul and its the only sole that gives me joy. GN!!

39. No matter the distance that separate us, I can walk 1000 of miles to be with you. Good Night.

40. Millions of days will not bring the happiness which each moment with you brings. GN!! – Sweet Good Night Love Quotes For Her

Good Night SMS for Girlfriend to Make Her Fall in Love

41. I’m very exhausted today so I want to go to bed because I’ll think about you and all my tiredness will get end. Good Night.

42. I was very pleased today with you, i’m so thankful to you and I would like to say thanks for
tomorrow in advance. Good Night!!

43. You are my light in the dark, you are my good thoughts of mind and the joy of my life….thank you for being in my life. I love you- Good Night.

44. I never desire anything so desperately in my life like the desire to be with you. Good Night!!

45. I want to be your bed so that you can sleep in me the whole night. GN!! – Good Night SMS for Girlfriend to Make Her Fall in Love

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Goodnight My Love Quotes for Wife

46. If I were honey then you would be my sweet taste, if I were a sea then you would be its mighty waters. I love you. Good Night!!!

47. I always want to get cuddled in your arms. Good Night!!

48. If you will bang at the gate of sleep then Mr. Dream will unbolt the door and you’ll found me there
to embrace you. Sweet Dreams GN!!

49. I just got a notification from Inspector Dream that all the nightmares has been arrested and you can now sleep well my sweetheart. Good Night.

50. Get lost in your bed slowly, try to fall asleep and you would find me there in your dreams. GN. – Good Night Love SMS for Wife

Sweet Good Night Quotes for Girlfriend

51. Sleep well because my love are the wings to cover you and my hug and kisses are the warmth to
give you deepest pleasure of the night. Good Night.

52. The Stars are brightly shining already, it is my joy again to kiss you “Good Night”.

53. Just a thought about you removes all my fears, thank you for being in my world. Good Night.

54. I was about to fall asleep then I think something is missing. Do u know what it was?-
this was the “Good Night wish for my SWEETHEART”.

55. Don’t be overwhelmed with the happenings around you. Think of all your blessings, then you can look up to God and say thanks tonight. Tomorrow holds a better things for you. Sweet dreams. – Sweet Good Night Quotes for Girlfriend

Goodnight I Love You Quotes for Her

56. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can never be apart. Please be in my dream. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

57. I went to bed tonight incomplete. So I got up from my bed, grabbed my cell phone and sent you a greeting. Good Night love!

58. The assurance of being with you tomorrow is what makes today worthwhile. Good Night my love.

59. Do you have the ideas of how amazing it feels to go to bed each day knowing
that you are mine and I am yours? – Rest well, my love.

60. I wish we were together at the moment my love.
I wish that we were together anywhere. Good Night till we meet again. – Goodnight I Love You Quotes For Her

Love Good Night Quotes for Her

61. Without the light the candles cannot burn, without the night the moon cannot shine so without biding my love GOOD NIGHT, my night will be without sleep. Love you- “Good Night”

62. God shower tiny but magnificent seeds of blessings on earth each day…and I just caught one that’s so nice and true…it’s YOU ! Love you and good night

63. All the stars in the sky put together cannot be compared to the brightness you bring to my world. So I’ll think about you as the light I need through the night. Good Night!

64. One day I will see my dream come true when I will sleep by your side and wake up next to you. Till then Good Night!

65. Every day I long for coming home at night because home at night is being in your arms. Good night my love! – Love Good Night Quotes for Her

Special Good Night Quotes For Her

66. My sweetie, I desire to be in your arms soonest -Good night

67. There’s only one today at the moment and I will never want to let it pass by without telling you how precious and sweet you are to me. I Love You- Have a Good Night

68. Walking with you thousands of miles will not heal my heart of missing you my love- Good Night

69. I thought of your kisses which are sweeter than the sweetest air of the night that brings sweet rest and it makes me miss you so much. Good Night my love!

70. There are millions of stars in the sky, but yours is the brightest. So i’ll think about you when I go to bed-Good Night!! – Special Good Night Quotes For Her

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Her

71. I wait for that day that would bring my dream to reality, when I would wake up with you-till then Good Night !!

72. I don’t want to miss a night at my home because it is in your arm- Good Night My LOVE!!

73. The day brings it light like every other day, the Sun at its pole, and the time on the move, but my world has stopped. It will move on when i will see your beautiful face tomorrow- Good Night Angel!!

74. The vacuum in me is replaced with pleasure when I saw your face today, and my heart is wide open for tomorrow when I will see you again – Good Night my love!!

75. I want to be in your embrace firmly rather than sending this loving” GOOD NIGHT” I Love you!! – Good Night Quotes for Her

Good Night Romantic Quotes

76. All of my pathways got their drive and all my anxiety got a peace when i saw your face today- Good Night My Sweetheart

77. My love, I fall asleep and wake up every day with only your thoughts. You are never out of my thoughts-Good Night!!

78. Can you please smile for me once more before I sleep tonight? Miss you my Love. “GOOD NIGHT”

79. Never let go of your dreams because they are the soil for which your beautiful tomorrow grows-Have a good dreams Tonight.!!

80. Something was missing when I went to bed tonight. Then I took my cellphone to hear your angelic voice – Good Night Angel!! – Good Night Romantic Quotes

Good Night Beautiful Quotes For My Wife

81. I have the best of my day by thinking of being with you tomorrow- Good Night!!

82. I always feel on top of the world when i think that you are mine and i’m yours-Good Night sweet love!!

83. I can’t sleep without wishing my sweetheart a good night rest. “Good Night Love”

84. I’m sending you a basket full of sweet dreams and a prayer to protect you from every hails of the night- Good Night my love!!

85. My day won’t rolled over till i say- i love you- Good Night!! – Good Night Beautiful Quotes

Inspirational Good Night Quotes For Girlfriend

86. Thanks for brightening my day my love, every challenges get fall away if you are with me – Good Night!!

87. I hate it when I can’t pay for the love you show me always. Your love is priceless. Love you daily- Good Night!!

88.. I stand at the door of my heart thinking about whom I love, the most and the one who come in my mind was u – Good Night dearly!!

89. Whenever u get bored, sick or a little sad, just know that you are suffering from lack of vitamin ME- Good Night!!

90. Let do it this way, touch your heart and close your eyes, say after me, Lord, keep my baby safe over the night- Good Night!!

91. The Moor may not rise with it light, stars may hide from brightness but don’t worry i’m here to hold u tight during the dark hours of the night- Good Night my love!!

92. If I could build a tower in my heart, then I would make you stay in my heart every morning, noon, and night that I live -Good Night my love!!

93. Words are not enough to express how I feel for you, just to say you are cute- Good Night!!

94. My large heart is design just to accommodate your love. Your place cannot be taken. Good Night!!

95. I don’t know how rich i’ll be if you were my wealth but you cannot be compared to wealth. Love you- Good Night!!

96. No matter how busy i’ll be, i’ll always give you all the attentions in the world- Good Night my love!!

97. I’ll have a cut night and lovely dreams tonight because it ended with your words of love – Good Night!!

98. I love and care for you like no other does. Good Night my love!!

99. I’ll be there for you through the thick and dark like no one else could- Good Night !!

100. It is written all over your eyes that you are mine, i’m happy to have you all to myself – GN !!

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